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Check out our available puzzles!

Check out our available puzzles!

The Love Edition

£11.99 + free UK delivery

How it works

Mystery Memo – The Love Edition is a unique Valentines or anniversary gift that’s ideal for someone who likes to solve puzzles, escape rooms or quizzes.

The puzzle pack contains 8 exciting and challenging puzzles. It should take between 45 minutes to an hour for your recipient to solve all of the puzzles and reveal the secret message.

The theme

As this is the Love Edition of Mystery Memo, all of the puzzles are themed around love!

A Long Lost Discovery

£9.99 + free UK delivery

The theme

You’re out exploring an abandoned World War Two shelter, when you stumble across an old rucksack amongst a pile of rubble.

Inside the rucksack are the lost belongings of George Smith, a soldier who was hiding out in the bunker during the war.

Can you solve the long lost puzzles stashed away in his rucksack?

How it works

This Mystery Memo puzzle pack contains a series of exciting and challenging puzzles. Your recipient needs to solve them all in order to gain access to your secret message!

What happens next?

Step 1
Add to basket

Pick the puzzle pack you’d like to buy and click on the ‘Buy now’ button to add it to the basket.

Step 2
Choose your message

During the checkout process you’ll be asked to add your personalised message. 

This can be text, an image, a video, or even a combination of all three!

Step 3
We send the puzzles

Next, we’ll anonymously send your recipient the puzzle pack.

Step 4
They solve the puzzles

They solve the puzzles to reveal a code. They enter this code and their ID into our website to be shown the message you left for them!

Get free 1st class UK delivery when you order any Mystery Memo!
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